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I’ve been a client of Peak Physique & Performance for almost a year now and I absolutely love it.

All the trainers have extensive knowledge of physical training, and are highly motivating. I have see a real difference in my body. My strength has increased markedly and best of all, I actually have a butt! Some people enjoy working out. I’m not one of those people. But Lyen and her crew of trainers are amazing and have helped me transform my body.

The facility is well managed, clean, and they provide water and towels. The sessions are economical (especially compared to how much one can spend on private personal trainers) and they will always work with your schedule. I would highly recommend PPP to anyone serious about getting into shape.

Alejandra M. (Yelp) 03/30/2015

Searching the web for a personal trainer in Miami to work with my wife and get her in better shape, we found Peak Physique and Performance. Both of us took the introductory/evaluation class and already there we knew we had found a place and a team we could trust. This was two years ago and we keep training at PPP 2/3 days per week. I am a runner but always had a posture problem, particularly in the back. My initial goals were to correct the posture, get my back and whole body stronger and balanced, and eventually to run faster. With no doubt I largely accomplished these goals and continue improving. What PPP offers is professionalism, experience and kindness. The group of trainers, directed by Lyen, are top quality, highly qualified and well versed not only in all possible kinds of exercises, muscle-specific or functional, but also in concepts of bio-mechanics, physiology and nutrition. I am a bio-medical scientist at the University of Miami, and appreciate the conversations I can have with Lyen and her colleagues on these subjects. After two years, I keep going to PPP because there is never a routine, exercises are slightly different every time and always accommodate to my current goals, and the team of trainers is always friendly. But mostly, because given their high level of professionalism, this is a team I know I can trust for my physical training necessities.

Prof. Antonio Barrientos (link to this review on Google+) 01/30/2016

5 stars! If you’re looking to get fit, this is it! Professional and efficient! highly recommended!

Tommy G. (Yelp) 01/04/2017


After 4 years of procrastination, I have finally decided to find support to achieve my fitness goal, which is to compete in a bikini modeling competition. Within 3 months, I’ve lost 10 pounds and 3% body fat. I feel more confident with my body now and the knowledge and support of the team at Peak Physique & Performance is invaluable. I look forward to continuing this journey together with them all the way to winning the bikini modeling competition… stay tuned 😉

R.D. (Google) 04/20/2015

Best personal training gym in Miami. I’ve worked with other trainers before and have not seen results as I have here. In 3 months I lost 10 pounds and feel better and stronger. Highly recommend this gym and the trainers; specially the owner/trainer, whom understands everyone’s needs.

Alex V. (Yelp) 10/31/2017

After training for 3 months at Peak Physique & Performance I’ve realized that the experience of training with Lyen Wong has been nothing short of amazing. Lyen has a tremendous energy for life, and she brings her A game to every session. Lyen is completely focused on her clients, constantly reinforcing proper technique in each and every exercise. She inspires confidence and has allowed me to get great results. The physical problems I’ve had in the past due to sports injuries are greatly diminished, and I look forward to greater success with Lyen’s guidance. Lyen’s knowledge of body mechanics is truly remarkable.
The PPP experience is A+. The space is super clean, set up efficiently, and never overcrowded. I highly recommend Peak Physique & Performance.

Mark B. 06/14/2016

Lyen is one the most talented personal trainers I have ever worked with. I was in Miami for a 3 week vacation and decided based on recommendations to train with Lyen. What immediately impressed me was that she quickly accessed my level of fitness and designed a workout regimen that targeted areas of weakness. I have a bad knee and so do limited leg work. She came up with a program to strengthen the leg without inflaming the knee by putting too much pressure on it. I ended the vacation a lot fitter and with a better ability to keep training on my own.

In addition to training me, she organized a fun workout session for a large group of friends visiting with me. We all enjoyed her enthusiasm and cheerfulness. I highly recommend Lyen as a personal trainer.

Anil P. 04/14/2018

If you’re looking for a butt kickin’ good time and one of the finest gyms of Miami This is the place to go!
Lyen, is an excellent trainer who works with you in perfecting exercise routines to help sculpt the body you want. She is a lot of fun to work with and yet is very demanding to make sure I always put out 100%.
This place is always very clean, organized and well attentive. They have clean towels and water bottles at your service every time.
I’m more than happy with the results I’ve seen throughout my time there, and it’s only been 2 months. I can’t wait to see myself by Summer! 🙂

Safia T. (Yelp) 03/31/2017


I worked out with Lyen throughout my pregnancy. She kept me strong and energized. I had a natural birth and an easy recovery thanks to the strong core and pelvic floor muscles that Lyen helped me develop. Highly recommend for pregnancy and beyond!

Aleesha K. (Yelp) 01/02/2017


About a year ago I decided to train for my first ever 1/2 marathon, something I would have never thought I would even consider at 35. I joined a running group but knew that would not be enough.

I looked online and saw that Peak Physique & Performance had awesome reviews and decided to try them out. Now a year later, I successfully completed my first 1/2 marathon (I’m still in awe) and even completed a Mud Run. Lyen and her amazing group of trainers have helped my accomplish goals I never believed possible. I think that is the measure of a great trainer, taking us beyond even our own expectations.

This year I plan to run 5 half marathons and a couple of obstacle runs and even plan on taking some trapeze lessons. Thanks to everyone at Peak Physique & Performance I am setting new goals and expectations for myself. I’ve been training with them a year and they have been able to graciously accommodate my rigid schedule. My work is demanding and I need a regimen that can accommodate my work. Other trainers are not always able to be flexible, which is another + positive of PPP. They are willing to work within your limitations but understand that is not what defines your ability.

Like I said, I’ve been there a year and always get the largest training package; I’m not going anywhere soon. Thank you Peak Physique & Performance!

Barbara S. (Yelp) 04/20/2015

If I had to choose one word to describe this personal training studio and its trainers, it would be professionalism. Since my first workout I’ve had a great experience and all the trainers I’ve worked out with have been complete professionals. I wouldn’t consider myself a beginner, as I have worked out quite a bit in the past. However, there came a point where I lost all motivation to work out.

One day I decided to do some personal training sessions as a way to push me into working out again and living a healthier lifestyle. After doing some Googling I found this personal training studio that was just a few blocks from my apartment. I signed up for the personal training trial sessions and thought the trial would be enough to get me motivated to work out on my own.

I was so impressed by the quality of the workouts and the professionalism of the trainers that I decided to continue here and so far I’ve been working out here for about two months. I highly recommend Peak Physique [&Performance].

Elvis V. (Citysearch.com) 03/30/2015


PPP is great! I’m extremely happy with the results I’ve gotten after only 3 months of training with Lyen. She is an amazing trainer and she is very focused on form, which I love because it has helped me correct my posture and strengthen my back (I have scoliosis). I’m really happy with all the results I’ve seen so far, I’ve lost weight, I’m stronger, I feel fitter and I definitely have a lot more energy. I absolutely recommend PPP. Lyen, Kolja and their whole team are amazing!

Viviana Restrepo (link to this review on Google+) 01/30/2016


I started going to the small group personal training 3 months ago. I absolutely love everything about it. Lyen is really great and very focused on form, which I appreciate even more after getting injured at a Crossfit place just a few months ago. I was very out of shape when I started and she would modify some exercises so I could do them and as i get stronger she motivates me to do more challenging workouts.

After 2 months i definitely noticed some changes in stamina and on my clothes too. Now after three months I continue to get fitter and the workouts are still challenging.

The facilities are great and the people you meet are great too. Kolja, the owner, is a very pleasant person but most importantly very interested in how the workouts r going. After looking for a bootcamp class for a while I am really glad i found PPP.

Carla B. (Yelp) 04/20/2015

My partner and I travel a lot for work, so maintaining a regular exercise routine can be challenging. The trainers at PPP help us maximize our workout times when we are in Miami. All of the trainers are motivational and push us. We enjoy the individual attention with positive energy in a clean, well-equipped facility.

Jeff D. 04/20/2015

I absolutely loved this place. The trainers push you to do your best and are also very nice and easy to get along with. The place is very clean. The one-on-one trainings are varied and you can definitely feel that it works. I definitely recommend it.

Ivan Peña (link to this review on Google+) 06/14/2016

Five years ago I made the decision to change my health lifestyle from a mediocre health lifestyle to having a broader conscience of my body and what I put in it. At one point in time, my work schedule had me traveling (in the air) for 75%-89% for years. I felt that I didn’t have any control of my eating habits and exercise regimen, because of the demands of my job. I was going from one city/ hotel to another city/hotel to yet…. another city/hotel. This proved to be very difficult for me to stay on focus with my healthier lifestyle objectives.

Two years ago, I was on a work assignment in the Miami area. I knew the assignment would have me in “paradise” for a few months if not longer. I stumbled upon Peak Physique and Performance, and I had an opportunity to connect with Lyen. I learned quickly that Lyen is an educated, beautiful, and charismatic professional trainer with a sense of compassion for her client(s). I didn’t feel like I was just another client, another number, or another dollar. Lyen and Kolja made me feel very comfortable and encouraged me to re-evaluate my already healthier but hectic lifestyle. We sat down together and Lyen took the time to talk with me, and she understood that I wanted to take my workout results to another level of success. She curtailed a physical training program that would meet the demands of my travel schedule at the time, and encouraged me to take another approach for how, when, and where I eat.

My previous trainer had a very old school approach on training; not willing to learn updated techniques. My old trainer became so mundane and I lost interest. Well, what I like most about the program that was designed for me by Lyen, is the fact it includes the very modern and physically challenging routines. Of which, these routines are coached via a variety of trainers that have strengths and/or specialization in specific areas of the body. This approach keeps me coming back and I love a different face for a different routine. All of the trainers (Rich, Szabi, Jairus, Chris, & Roberto) are amazing at what they do. There is no pretention amongst Lyen’s team of trainers. All are very genuine, good spirited, and committed to making the client feel comfortable and encouraged to meet their health objectives. Let me not forget….the gym is also very clean and there is not a whole lot of traffic in and out.

I permanently moved to Miami 6 months ago, and my travel schedule has lessened. I am enjoying my results and loving how my body is transitioning in a way that is healthy and appealing to my eyes. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Peak Physique and Performance, for their professionalism, cleanliness, and commitment to each client.

Rod B. (Insiderpages.com) 03/30/2015

I have started training regularly several times before but never kept it up because I didn’t see results and got bored. I’ve now been working out at Peak Physique & Performance for almost a year and I’m not stopping anytime soon. I’m finally seeing the results I was looking for and Lyen and her crew make me want to go.

I own businesses in Miami and Latin America and travel a lot, but when I’m in town, I go to PPP every day during my lunch hour. It’s walking distance to my office and you can’t beat that for convenience. Even though I’m going often, they keep it interesting by mixing up my workouts. One day I do strength training with machines and free weights, another day I do boxing, another day a cardio circuit or core training… Due to my schedule, I usually work with Lyen and Jairus and they both do an excellent job, they are great trainers with a lot of knowledge, experience and motivational skills. They kick butt but are nice and friendly.

PPP is run efficiently, things just work and I appreciate that. Since they only do personal training and have a spacious and well-equipped facility, it’s never crowded or messy. I also prefer the personal treatment by the owners and trainers and the focused training environment. It’s definitely what I need to make up for the frequent business lunches and my otherwise pretty sedentary lifestyle. I highly recommend Peak Physique & Performance!

Reinaldo V. 04/20/2015

I had an amazing experience with Peak Physique and Performance. Lyen helped me so much during my pregnancy. Each week she was consistent, professional, and always pushed me safely and effectively. I truly believe that part of the reason I had such an easy labor was because of her preparation and dedication to me. She helped me a lot with pelvic floor exercises and getting my body ready for birth. I also feel that my recovery has been fairly easy due to her effective training before birth.

I recommend her to anyone looking to continue to keep fit during their prenatal and postnatal journey!

Ashley G. 02/02/2024


All I can say is wow! Partly because I just came from a workout with Lyen and I am exhausted (smile) — but mostly because the training and service at Peak Physique & Performance (PPP) is top notch. I have been going to different personal trainers since college and I have experienced all types of training in many major cities (Philadelphia, L.A., NYC, San Franciso, etc.) and I can honestly say, Lyen is my favorite of them all — and the most knowledgeable of them all. She works you hard and gets you in shape, there is no doubt about that, but she also cares about your mental and emotional well being when you walk through that door to start your training. She tailors all of her training sessions to each individual’s goals, level, body type and temperament; you know your training was designed just for you and you will almost never do the same training twice!

The gym facility and equipment are first class — no unnecessary glitz and glamour, just immaculately clean and top quality equipment — really one of the nicest private personal training gyms I have been in (and the free bottled water is a really nice perk). I have also had the opportunity to workout with other members of her team. They trained me as a beginner in boxing and plyometrics. Working with them was a wonderful experience as well, and allowed me the opportunity to change up my workouts every so often.

Simply put, if you want private one-on-one training you are not going to find better than Lyen and PPP.

Safiyah S. (Citysearch) 04/20/2015


I was looking for a trainer to help me get in shape before I moved to another state for school. I barely ever went to the gym, always felt weak, and literally used to get tired just from climbing a couple of stairs.

Lyen was absolutely amazing. She knows so much and is able to figure out exactly what you need and where you need the most work to strengthen your entire body. We did a different workout everyday, so my workouts were never repetitive. She also tailored them to my level exactly to make sure I wouldn’t get injured doing something I wasn’t ready for. So I started off training using just my body weight and then once I got stronger, we started doing weight training. I worked with her for two months and the changes I felt in my body in that short time were more than I ever thought possible. My endurance increased, I had more energy throughout the day, and I just FELT stronger.

I wish I had found out about this gym earlier so I could have had more time to train with Lyen, but this was a great foundation for me to begin exercising regularly. I’m definitely going to try to go back to her when I’m in Miami for breaks.

Shifat H. (Google) 04/20/2015


I have been to many personal trainers before, but the trainers at Peak Physique are truly the best! I was hesitant on going because I thought that since I was already in shape I did not need a personal trainer. However, I’m glad that I went!

Lyen and Rich are highly trained and know exactly what they are doing. They really know how to target the weak spots, and will adapt the workout according to your body. If you are not seeing results they’ll immediately change the routine. Even though I was already active before I came in, I still saw tremendous results with these trainers!

The facility is always clean and the owners are very well organized. Everyone in here is extremely nice and welcoming. Normally at gyms everyone is intimidating, but here they are welcoming and open from day one. I would highly recommend this place and the trainers.

Julia F. (Citysearch) 04/20/2015

I can say all the good things other have said here, but, let’s save time. I confirm all the praise. It’s not hype. It’s real.

Knowledgeable, experienced, focused, truly the cream of the crop. I especially love the focus — my trainer is 100% focused on me. His attention doesn’t wander. He doesn’t get distracted. I’m sure it’s hard to train people all day and be focused and energetic for each client. But they do it.

I’m always impressed with their experience and knowledge. They tailor your workouts to your goals. Nothing but the highest praise.

Andy A. (Citysearch) 04/20/2015