Prenatal and Postpartum Personal Training

Prenatal and Postpartum Personal Training


prenatal exercise classes

Being a Pre/Postnatal certified personal trainer since 2017, gives me the knowledge, the tools, and the experience to deliver a safe exercise program for you and the baby during pregnancy and after delivery.

When working with my clients, my primary focus is on providing the pregnant population with the best-designed prenatal and postpartum exercise training.

The Pre/Postnatal workouts are built in phases:

  1. Rejuvenation foundation
  2. Strengthening
  3. Performance
  4. Birth Prep: teaches strategies to get you physically and mentally prepared for labor and offers you tips for a fast-postpartum recovery.

Maintaining a physically active lifestyle is a great way for women to support a healthy pregnancy and return faster to a normal lifestyle after delivery.

To find out more, contact me now and enjoy the benefits that training during pregnancy has to offer you and the baby. Experience a more comfortable pregnancy period and a quicker bounce back.

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Some of the happy and fit moms I’ve worked with:

Aleesha K.
Emily B.
Nika F.
Lindsay S.
Erin A.
Claire S.