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We’re a boutique personal training studio with highly qualified and experienced personal trainers. We create individual road maps for health and fitness that deliver results and help you reach your goals!

Choose between Private Personal Training and Partner Workout Personal Training to perfectly match your goals, fitness level, availability, budget, motivation, and preferences.

Private Personal Training

Private Personal

Our Private Personal training provides one on one training with you and your trainer. This helps give fully accurate assessments and training between the trainer and YOU!

Semi-Private Personal Training

Partner Workout
Personal Training

With our Partner Workout Personal training, a trainer will train you and one another motivated client. While still receiving individualized program for you, and saving some funds by sharing a trainer!

Pre and Postnatal Training

Pre and Postnatal

Our trainers will take you through workouts that will help maintain you physique and mental health through pregnancy. After giving birth, our Postnatal workouts will help you shed any baby weight gained, and restore muscle definition.

Small Group Personal Training

Small Group
Personal Training

If you’re looking to receive personal training as a fraction of the private price? Our Small Group training provides cardio, strength building, and flexibility training just like you’d receive by having a private personal trainer!


PEAK PHYSIQUE & PERFORMANCE is owned and operated by international figure champion and fitness model Lyen Wong.

Her extensive experience as an athlete, competitor, fitness model, fitness instructor and personal trainer for more than 15 years defines everything that we do.

As a child and adolescent, Lyen played competitive volleyball and practiced Tae Kwon-Do for several years. She has been in the fitness industry as a fitness instructor since 1997 and as a certified American Council on Exercise (ACE) personal trainer since 2003.

Lyen’s competitive career began in 2005. Since then she has won many US, European and international championships and titles, including:

2010: 1st place Figure NPC Southern States (USA)
2007: 2nd place Miss Universe Fitness
2007: 2nd place German International Championships Ftness (Germany)
2006: 3rd place World Championships Fitness (Spain)
2006: 1st place Muscle Emotion (Italy)
2005: 1st place Miss Universe Fitness
2005: 1st place Fitness World Contest (Austria)


Q: Are you looking for the best personal trainers in Miami, (Downtown, Brickell,
Wynwood, Edgewater, Midtown), Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove?
A: Along with providing the most personalized training sessions to meet your fitness goals, our certified trainers work with you on a more personal level until seeing your results! They truly have pride to be unconditionally positive, to be great listeners, to have the ability to explain complex topics in an easy understandable manner! We are specialists and problem solvers, that’s what sets us apart from the rest!

Q: Do you prefer a professional, private, dedicated, personal-training-only, 1,800 sq.
ft. facility over a crowded gym?
A: Large gyms can tend to be a little bit intimidating to some. Our intimate training gym
helps you to focus on YOU!

Q: Do you want to train in a professionally managed, owner operated, clean and safe
environment with reliable staff?
A: Our team makes sure to keep our training environment clean with a welcoming feeling that no other gym provides!

Q: Are you looking for personal trainers who are 100% focused on you instead of
checking their phones and chatting with other people?
A: Then our team is the right one for you! Our personal trainers give you their absolute undivided attention while they train you and that’s EXACTLY how our trainers dedicate themselves to help you achieve your goals.

Q: Do you demand experienced and certified trainers that know how to help you
reach your goals effectively and safely?
A: “Teamwork makes the dream work!” With our trainer’s versatile and multi-faceted guidance of expertise, we guarantee your results. Being patient, persistent and open-minded to better ways of doing things, we help you achieve your fitness goals!



reviewer profile
PPP is great! I’m extremely happy with the results I’ve gotten after only 3 months of training with Lyen. She is an amazing trainer and she is very focused on form, which I love because it has helped me correct my posture and strengthen my back (I have scoliosis). I’m really happy with all the results I’ve seen so far, I’ve lost weight, I’m stronger, I feel fitter and I definitely have a lot more energy. I absolutely recommend PPP. Lyen, Kolja and their whole team are amazing!
Viviana Restrepo
reviewer profile

Best personal training gym in Miami. I’ve worked with other trainers before and have not seen results as I have here. In 3 months I lost 10 pounds and feel better and stronger. Highly recommend this gym and the trainers; specially the owner/trainer, whom understands everyone’s needs.

Alex V.
reviewer profile

I have been training with various personal trainers for years, but got really serious about it 1 1/2 years ago. Recently, I started school in Miami and had to find a trainer here.

I found PPP online and it has been a great experience. I mostly train with Rich and he really knows his stuff. The workouts are always varied and extremely intense and challenging, which is what I was looking for. He is by far the best trainer I have worked with.

The gym is clean and beautiful, and the people who work there are very friendly and professional. They really understood what I was looking for. I couldn’t be happier.

Nina M.
reviewer profile

I absolutely loved this place. The trainers push you to do your best and are also very nice and easy to get along with. The place is very clean. The one-on-one trainings are varied and you can definitely feel that it works. I definitely recommend it.

Ivan Peña


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